This is a question we get asked a lot! 

In our new blog series we aim to answer this question and many more like it to help you understand all the critical information to consider when purchasing a new bed- after all, its big investment you don’t want to loose sleep over!

So how much should you spend on a new bed? 

Well, how long is a piece of string? Correct answer is… it all depends on what you need the string for. And much the same can be said of buying a new bed. 

There a many aspects you need to consider from budget and size to the look and feel of the mattress. So let’s dig in to the most important considerations.

Bang for your buck

When considering a new bed it is really important to start off knowing what you can really afford to spend. 

As with most things in life, the more you are prepared to spend, the better product you will walk away with. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive bed, it’s about knowing where to spend your money to get the most of out it.

Size, type of mattress and mattress fillings, type of base and fabrics, storage and headboard options are all things you should weigh up with thinking about what your budget should be spent on.

Cheap Beds, Cheap Quality

Size Definitely Matters

A bed bigger will cost you more. However, the bigger the bed the bigger advantages. For example, a bigger bed gives you more comfort with more room to turn and move in your sleep. Bigger beds also give you more room between you and who you share a bed with. This can help reduce your temperature for a cooler night’s sleep.

UK mattresses, for the most part, are all the same length unless you buy a king or a supering, where you get that all important 3 extra inches in length. The bigger sizes refer to the width. Standard UK mattress sizes are:

  • Small Single = 2’6
  • Single = 3’0
  • Small Double = 4’0
  • Double = 4’6
  • Kingsize = 5’0
  • Superking = 6’0
Bed Size Matters

Firmness Is Key

Choosing the right firmness for your mattress is important

Arguably one of the most important considerations in buying a bed is the firmness of the mattress. First off, everyone is different, and what feels comfortable is highly subject and individual. To help with that most mattresses are given a firmness rating either by a manufacturer or retailer.

Usually firmness ratings comprise Softer, Medium, Medium Firm and Firmer. Some may even have an Extra Firm.

Because the firmness of the mattress will impact how well you sleep we strongly advise everyone looking to purchase a new mattress to visit a bed shop and try out some mattress to gauge their own preferences. Whilst buying online is convenient, it lacks the ability to test a mattress and they are not always returnable if you don’t like it!

Get The Right Spring!

Different mattresses have different spring support systems. Most often you will hear about Open Coil Springs or Pocket Springs.

Open Coil Springs are the most basic, and used on the cheapest mattresses. Open Coil springs are not individually separated which means when a person moves on the bed, the mattress bows and moves with them. This will cause disturbed sleep when sharing a bed.

Pocket Springs are much smaller springs, individually separated into little pockets and all work independently of each other so when your partner moves in their sleep, you won’t feel it. As pocket springs are individual, they also provide much greater level of support for your body when you sleep as the springs will support your body shape, more accurately. 

Like anything, there are varying qualities to pocket springs which can increase the cost but as a general rule, the higher pocket spring count the less movement/role you will feel and the more support and comfort you will  have. However, the more pocket springs, the higher the cost. 

Open Coil Springs or Pocket Springs For A New Mattress

The Filling is The best Part

There are loads of different mattress fillings available depending on what you like, your budget and the level of comfort you want.

You can opt for simple and cheaper options like soft white fibres (polyester), various gels and foams or natural materials like wool, silk and cashmere.

The more luxurious the filling, the more comfort but the higher the price tag.

Natural Mattress Filling

It's All About The Base...

One of the next most important decisions you will want to consider is what type of base you want for your mattress.

There are different types of bases each with their own qualities. You can opt for a wooden, metal or fabric bedstead. Bedsteads can be very modern looking but don’t usually have any storage options, and can be quite noisy. They often take more room too, as the frames often exceed the size of the mattress- an important consideration if your room is smaller or has less general space.

Divan bases are great as they are flush with the edges of their mattresses as standard. They are also available in vast collections of colours so you can really match your bed base to your own unique style and room decor.

Additionally divans can come with a wide variety of ‘under bed’ storage options- definitely worth considering if you want to maximise your bedroom space.

Also bear in mind the cheaper the base the less quality build and materials have been used to make it. This will translate to fragility, easy to damage and an overall shorter life expectancy.

Drawers – Choose between 2 or 4 standard size drawers

Continental Drawers – these are half-sized drawers use at the head end of the bed. Ideal for those who have a table or night stand next to their bed.

Ottoman Storage – ottomans are ‘lift-up’ bases that offer the most amount of storage room but are the most expensive.

Bed Bases With Storage Options

Electric Bed Bases

If you want that extra support and comfort for mobility, reading, watching TV or just relaxing in bed, you might consider an electric bed. There are a lot of very trendy and stylish options and are available in most standard UK sizes. Electric beds are not just for the elderly or disabled at all, but are usually VAT free if you meet certain exemption criteria.

Finishing Touches

If you are leaning towards a divan base you will want to consider a headboard. Whilst they may incur an additional fee, depending on what you are buying, they are useful at preventing your pillows staining your walls. They will also stop your pillows falling down the back of your bed and getting covered in dust and dirt in the night, not to mention they will also ‘finish the look’ of your bed- and don’t worry, your headboard colour will match your base.

There are a variety of considerations in the headboards you will want to bear in mind. Firstly, what kind of style or pattern do you want? Then there is size- a simple strutted one, or a more grand floor standing version?

Strutted headboards are typically thinner, shorter and have less fabric choice but are cheaper.

Floor standing headboards are taller with various heights available, make more of an impression. They are thicker, and often more padded and reduce movement of the bed, but will cost more money, but will give a far superior look finishing the bed off, rather than it looking like a divan with a headboard.

Choosing a headboard for you new bed