Mammoth Pure Slim Pillow


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The Mammoth Pure Pillow is now available at Beds Norwich.

The Mammoth Pure is a double-sided pillow packed with the same market-leading technologies as our mattresses and now available in two depths.

On the one side is a generous layer of naturally cooling Medical Grade™ foam featuring PostureCells®. This unique surface contours to the shape of your head and neck, optimising pressure relief and postural support. The innovative air channels keep the sleep surface cool and dry even on the hottest nights.

On the flip side is a layer of sumptuous SkyFoam® – a soft, indulgent surface for those who love to really sink into the pillow at night.

So, no matter what your personal comfort requirements are, the Pure is tailored to you.

Each pillow is designed to achieve the same results, helping sleepers relieve tension, stay cool, feel fresh and maximise comfort.

Each pillow features a machine washable, removable cover with MicroFresh antibacterial and anti-viral treatment for the most hygienic pillow surface Mammoth have ever created. All Mammoth Pillows contain only regenerated fibre and ethically sourced cotton. Supplied in reusable bags and recyclable cardboard.


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