“Does it make a difference” I hear you ask? After all, a mattress is a mattress isn’t it?

Well, the short answer here is No, mattresses are not all the same, and fillings are an essential part of the decision making process when purchasing a new mattress.

Fillings are, in the majority of cases, the layers in the mattress above the spring system and form the layers you will actually sleep on. As such they have a direct impact on your quality and comfort of your sleep.

What fillng is right for you?

Memory Foam can make you feel hot at night

Find yourself feeling too hot in the night?

If so, then memory foam is not for you! Wake up feeling stiff and achy? Could the soft white fibres of your mattress don’t provide enough pressure relieving support.

In this article I will provide you with the need-to-know basics of the main mattress fillings to help you on your buying journey.

Soft White Fibres

Soft white fibres are a man-made synthetic polyester product used in low end, cheaper mattresses. As cheaper mattresses to make, white fibre mattresses do not offer a lot of pressure relieving support.

A serious ‘pro’ for soft white fibre mattresses is their hypoallergenic qualities, meaning they are useful for allergy suffers, especially children.

Mattresses Suitable For Children

Natural Fibre Mattresses

Natural wool, silk and cashmere luxury mattresses

Different types of natural fibres have different specific qualities so talk to a bed expert about any bed in particular you may be considering. Examples include wool, cashmere, silk and so on. Because of their natural make up these mattresses tend to be more durable and longer lasting. In addition they will feel more sumptuous and luxurious.

Overall though, natural fibres tend to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with their breathable properties which disperse heat and wick moisture away from you in the night.

These natural mattresses offer a luxurious level of comfort and fresher sleeping surface but bear in mind, like soft white fibres, they are not pressure relieving.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Whilst memory foam has risen to fame and glory over the last few decades having been used by NASA, there are some major points to think about if you are considering a memory foam product.

Memory foam, or Visco-Elastic, moulds to body shape to provide a great source of comfort, pressure relief and promotes good circulation. It will even help to reduce ‘partner disturbance’ that occurs if you share a bed.

Memory foam moulds to your body shape when it gets warm from your own body heat. Like any heat conductive material, the longer you lay on it, the more heat it absorbs from your body. Once it gets warmer than your body temperature it will start acting like a radiator and can disturb your sleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses Make you Feel Hot

Other Foams

Other foams like Reflex foam are available as cheaper alternatives that provide a basic level of pressure relief and comfort. As a cheaper product they are a great option for children’s mattresses or guest beds and will last longer than soft white fibre mattresses.

These foams are also better for warmer sleepers than memory foam as they rely of body weight to mould to the sleeper rather than body heat.

Open Coil Springs or Pocket Springs For A New Mattress

Gel Based Mattress Fillings

Gel is a more modern technology to memory foam. By infusing the gel into foam these mattresses provide a superior level of comfort and pressure relief and promote good blood circulation.

Like memory foam they will mould to the contours of your body under your own body weight.

Unlike memory foam, open cell structures of the gel mattresses help to maintain your body temperature by dispersing heat away from you as you sleep. In addition you do not feel that “sinking feel” that a lot of people experience with memory foam.

Gel is a much newer technology used in modern mattresses and can cost more than other fillings however they are typically longer lasting and better for your sleep.

Gel can also be infused into Natural Latex. Natural Latex has been used in mattresses for decades, latex is made by taking sap from rubber trees, whipping it with air to form latex foam. Gel is mixed into this process to help open up the cells to make it a natural more breathable foam.

Benefits of gel based mattresses

Natural Element Infused Foams

With gel infused foams being far superior to memory foam, the next step up are foam infused with graphite or copper.

Graphite infused foams help conduct heat and moisture away from the body, giving you optimum pressure relief, comfort and improved blood flow to aid a more restful night’s sleep, all without the heat that comes from sleeping on a more traditional memory foam.

Copper infused foam is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This creates a healthy sleeping environment by helping blood flow and reducing the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. When the copper particles compress under your body weight, it aids in supporting your hips and shoulders providing optimal spinal alignment.

* foams can vary in density and quality depending on the manufacturer. We would always recommend buying a mattress in store from an independent mattress retailer.

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